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National Disaster Coordinator (NDC) Abdias Samuel along with Deputy NDC Claricia Langley-Stevens have placed the National Emergency Management Agency on high alert based upon a conversation held with senior officers at St. Kitts Meteorological Services, this morning.

In consideration of the projected path of Tropical Depression #10 (TD10), which formed recently in the central Atlantic, NDC Samuel is preparing for internal consultations and meetings with stakeholders to determine next steps for the agency and for the Federation, by extension.

NDC Samuel said “Before any decision is taken, we will be assessing the level of threat to St. Kitts and Nevis posed by TD10, in conjunction with St. Kitts Met firstly and if necessary, the Mitigation Council would be informed and necessary action taken at that time, secondly.”

Mr. Samuel couldn’t ascertain at the time of this release, whether St. Kitts Nevis would be impacted, however he noted that TD10 is expected to strengthen and early action would be critical to keep persons safe in the event that we are impacted or affected. TD10 is forecast to become a hurricane just before or right after leaving the Northern Leewards, approximately by Friday morning.

“With Thursday 19th September being Independence Day, which is a holiday in the Federation, decisions would have to be taken by tomorrow, Wednesday 18th if a strike is deemed imminent at that time,” Samuel said. Reverting to the “Err on the side of caution” mantra, that is normally associated with NEMA.

“One of the challenges of managing emergency information,” Samuel said, “is that timing and accuracy have to be carefully balanced in order to save lives while engendering trust among residents and citizens, at the same time.”


• Ensure you have at your disposal a list of emergency numbers and the contacts of your Nema District Volunteers for your area
• Stay tuned to local media to ensure you receive timely updates and alerts
• Ensure your environs are clear of any potential missiles in high winds or gusts
• Be ready to activate your family plan if necessary, including a plan to shelter with a neighbour or family member should you have to leave your home
• Have extra medication or insulin should you be on long-term medical treatment plans
• Secure legal and important papers in water proof package, should you be inundated by water
• Store water in the appropriate receptacles for drinking, washes cleaning, bathing and flushing toilets.

NEMA will continue to update the public as the system progresses towards the Federation and on necessary actions to be taken at every step along the way.

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