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District #Six (6): Newton Ground – Harris’

Newton Ground Pre-School, Newton Ground (S)St. Paul's Community Centre, St. Paul's (P)St. Paul's Cricket Pavilion, St. Paul's (S)The Temple Church, Dieppe...

District #Five (5): Sandy Point – Fig Tree & Surrounding Areas

Sandy Point Community Centre, Farm Site (P)Methodist Church Hall, Crab Hill (S)Anglican Church Hall, The Alley (P)

District #Four (4): Challengers – New Guinea

Old Road Community Centre, Old Rd (P)Verchilds Pavilion, Verchilds (P)Grace Gospel Hall, Middle Island (S)Halfway Tree Community Centre, Halfway Tree (S)Ebenezer...

District #Three (3): Wigley Avenue (West) – Palmetto Point

St. Johnston Community Centre, La Guerite (P)Trinity Angelican Church, Palmetto Point (P)

District #Two (2): Victoria Road (West) – Wigley Avenue (East)

Methodist Church Hall, Victoria Rd (P)Anglican Church Hall, Victoria Rd (P)McKnight Community Centre, Connell Street (P)Gardens Pavilion, The Gardens (S)Olivet Gospel...

District #One (1): South Peninsula – Victoria Road (East)

Kim Collins Stadium, Bird Rock (P)Newtown Community Centre, Ponds Pasture (P)Newtown Pavilion, Extension (S)Seventh Day Adventist (Lamb Shelter), Wellington Rd (S)Girl...

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